Hyris offers a decentralized DNA-RNA Testing platform to perform PCR analysis. Through the platform it is possible to carry out tests at any place and at any time, at a lower cost than traditional tests, with access to results in real time. The main applications are in the probiotic, botanical, vegetable and commodity sector.


Genenta Science S.p.A. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of hematopoietic stem progenitor cell immuno-gene therapy for solid tumors, including the lead product candidate, Temferon™.


Vino.com (formerly Vino75) is one of the leading digital wine shops in Europe. Vino75 differs from a simple wine e-commerce platform since it  has developed its own platform internally and has evolved into a true digital wine shop, also acting as a virtual sommelier and becoming able to guide the customer in the choice of the best wines and spirits.


Caracol, an innovative SME from Lombardy founded in late 2017 is a company specialized in advanced Additive Manufacturing services applied especially in aerospace, luxury automotive and nautical industries.


Italian Leader in Artificial Intelligence applied to natural language interpretation, Indigo.ai helps the most innovative companies evolve their Customer Experience through the power of AI.


FABA operates in the EduTech market by promoting the union of smart toys and editorial audio content dedicated to children. FABA has quickly become the brand of choice in the “educational entertainment” market thanks to its storyteller.


Barberino’s is the barbershop chain that is revolutionizing the barber profession in Italy.

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