We support startups and scaleups throughout the fundraising process

allowing them to obtain the best contract terms and identifying the most suitable investors based on their needs.

Storytelling & Investor Engagement

We build together with the startup the storytelling, the contents and the graphics of the pitch, we deepen the market and competition analysis and we engage investors with an ad-hoc documentation.

Technical Documents

We adapt the business plan to the needs of different types of professional investors, producing a qualified valuation and a dynamic captable to predict corporate scenarios


We benchmark investment agreements against industry best practices and create ready-to-use termsheets and transaction documents

Assistance on non-core business area

From Board and Assembly Minutes to Operational Dashboards and communication with law firms or difficult shareholders, we become the best friends of the founders in the most complex situations, supporting them at 360 degrees in all stages.

Structure of the operation

Structure of the operation

We identify the fundraising approach and deal structure best suited to the startups’ business needs, to the type of investors and to the market environment, using a mix of three categories of instrument:


Typical instrument in Venture Capital, which requires a qualified valuation, negotiation assistance and an analysis of corporate governance and corporate structure


Instruments such as SAFE, SFP and convertible bonds provide a high degree of flexibility to meet the needs of corporates and investors 


We work with leading lenders, identifying the best options to access to debt instruments for startups and SMEs and finalize them quickly

We find the most suitedinvestor

Our goal is not only to find a financial investor, but to identify a partner that supports the business’ vision and adds value over the long term.

Thanks to the experience gained by our team over many mandates, we have built a large network of loyal investors able to engage in different types of transactions based on:

Type of investor

VC funds, Family Offices, Corporates, and Business Angels have different goals and preferences when it comes to investing.

Type of investment

The type of instrument, the size of the transaction, and the stage of the life cycle are key determinants in qualifying an investor’s interest

Industry and geography

È fondamentale mappare le esigenze geografiche e settoriali degli investitori e la loro evoluzione.

Investment strategy

It is essential to know the drivers and the investment strategies to enable a medium to long term alignment between investors and the company

Connecting outstanding entrepreneurs and visionary investors